International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Jess and Edward September 2022

“I can’t recommend Hannah enough!

Having breast fed my first for 2.5 years I didn’t foresee any feeding issues with my second but we were dealing with a whole host of issues including mastitis, CMPA, tongue tie and a query about weight gain.

 Hannah listened to it all and helped me to sort my muddled brain out. She did a thorough tongue tie assessment (much more thorough and gentle than the max-fax surgeon did!) and gave lots of tips for positioning and exercises to ease the symptoms. It was so handy that she’s a health visitor as well, as she could make sense of the red book and weights, and her opinion was later backed up by the GP at my baby’s 6-8 week check. 

By the time she left I felt reassured and confident of my plan of action. She then kept in touch via messages and I saw her at the BF cafe. 

I’m so pleased we saw her, I will be telling everyone with boobs and a baby to do the same!”


Nadia , Chris and Clara July 2022

“Coming from a large family of women and veteran breastfeeders I have grown up around babies and, like many do, I felt that breastfeeding was the way I wanted to feed my baby, when the time came. As this was so important to me I gained some anxiety during my pregnancy, hearing stories I hadn’t heard and worrying that I would not be able to do it. I joined NCT, read everything I could and expressed colostrum so, when it was time, I was feeling pretty confident.

After a long labour my daughter arrived screaming into the world, desperate to be fed! Having had little sleep for 72hours prior, we were then left to our own devices for 36hours on a ward. I tried to put into action all I had learned, with a newborn who screamed incessantly and wanted to be permanently latched. When at home Midwives and health visitors came to inspect, all giving me the thumbs up for latch and position. Then came pain and bleeding and challenge upon challenge. I had difficulty processing all of the advice being thrown my way and I soon fixated on my feelings of ineptitude and physical pain from a difficult delivery along with postpartum ‘baby blues’.

If my husband and I did not meet Hannah when we did I believe I would have given up. She instantly reassured me that I was not failing! With her patience, compassion, extensive knowledge and experience we were able to identify and overcome the many obstacles I faced. I really could not be more grateful to Hannah! Seeing my happy, breastfed daughter grow and learn everyday makes it all very worth it!”

Charlotte and Harry Dec 2021

“I called on Hannah when we were having breastfeeding difficulties with my little boy, who was born prematurely. Hannah was thorough and extremely professional. She was very empathetic which was much needed at the stressful and vulnerable time. Hannah took the time to understand our individual situation and challenges and offered helpful advice going forward. I would recommend her to anyone having feeding difficulties.”Je